2019 Leavitt Partners Annual Strategy Conference

August 1 - 2, 2019

Conference ReCAP:

What's Your path to value?

Leavitt Partners hosted thought leaders from 
diverse set of health care and life sciences companies during its 2019 Annual Strategy Conference. The almost 200 representativesincluding health system leaders, strategists from health care solutions companies, and C-suite level decision-makers from pharmaceutical and payer organizationsgathered to discuss a strategic framework, key information and perspectives, as well as a collective imperative to move along the path to value with purpose. 

Governor Mike Leavitt, former HHS Secretary and founder of Leavitt Partners, began the conference by emphasizing the economic imperative to move to value. He described the need to create a uniquely American health care system and outlined assumptions about the future state of the health care industry in year 2025. Governor Leavitt was followed by discussions moderated by Jen Colamonico, senior director, Health Intelligence for Leavitt Partners along with Ian Morrison, Ph.D., and Kim Slocum, advisers to Leavitt Partners, to discuss the political imperative to address health care, outline the consequences of slow change, and present a Future Frame of health care scenarios that businesses should anticipate in their strategic planning.  

new scenarios-1
Conference panels, moderated by senior Leavitt Partners staff,
explored the role of government mandates and private-sector innovation, the challenges of culture change, data and price transparency, approaches to aligning incentives for increased value-based care for different patient populations, and ways to unleash investment in social determinants of health. Andrew Croshaw, CEO of Leavitt Partners, led a thoughtful discussion on elevating additional voices in the C-suite, underscoring the new and changing perspectives that are needed in leadership in order to make the kind of sustainable change our system needs 

Our panels featured an outstanding variety of experienced and insightful business and clinical leaders, including Kelby Krabbenhoft of Sanford Health, Dr. Mark Smith (advisor to Leavitt Partners, among many other things), Dr. Rhonda Medows of Providence, Dr. Ron Greeno formerly of the Society of Hospital Medicine, Dr. Todd Sachs of Southern California Permanente Medical Group, and Len Nichols, PhD, Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics at George Mason University, among others. The final panel featured a conversation between futurist Ian Morrison, and consumerist (and cancer survivor) Dave deBronkart, discussing the demographic imperativeputting a fine point on the urgency of changeand the need for this path to value to become more accessible, effective, and sustainable for both patients and providers. 

The 24-hour sprint of ideas, analysis, strategy, and insight was wrapped-up by remarks from Andrew Croshawrecapping the economic, political, and demographic imperatives that require all of us to take a pledge to create a health care system based on value. He asked the audience to double down on the bold and actionable steps their organization can take to expedite this journey. It is the mission of Leavitt Partners to improve lives by advancing value-based care, striving to make our health care system more accessible, effective, and sustainablethis kind of event, with such a high caliber of attendees and panelists committed to moving with purpose along this path to valuemakes all of us more optimistic that we will succeed. 

Every organization faces its own unique set of challenges along its journey to value. The following provides a link to the conference agenda as well as an overview of Leavitt Partners' comprehensive solutions focused on helping your organization chart a path to value. 

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