No organization can solve these issues alone...

To succeed in today’s rapidly evolving health care system, health care leaders are called upon to develop a new collaborative mind set and skill set.  Establishing a high-value culture, building effective care teams, maintaining productive relationships with stakeholders and entering into innovative partnerships are critical competencies for health care organizations moving toward value, and require the ability to bring people into a new level of cooperation and collective decision-making.  At the same time, health care providers and payers must recognize and respond to the broader financial, policy and system challenges facing our health care system as a whole.  No organization can solve these issues alone.  Instead, we must identify the stakeholders experiencing common pain points and learn to bridge the divide between competing interests.   

Leavitt Partners understands these challenges. In fact, our founders wrote the book on building effective alliances and developed a proven framework for supporting organizations in collaborative decision-making.  Leveraging this unique expertise, drawn from decades of experience in collaborative decision-making in the public and private sectors, our speakers can provide valuable insight on the importance of forming multi-sector alliances, and how to reach consensus on solutions to complex policy challenges.


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Rich McKeown

Former chief of staff for Mike Leavitt at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Rich also served as senior counselor and chief of staff to Administrator Leavitt at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (View Bio)

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John Poelman
Senior Director

Informs clients on the shifting health care landscape with expertise in accountable care and in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act with the corresponding political dynamics (View Bio)