156M: The Changing Landscape of Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Since the first hospital insurance plan was developed in 1929, to the advent of HMOs in the 1980s and to consumer-driven healthcare in the 1990s, employer health insurance has evolved dramatically. And every 10 years or so, the federal government passes a piece of healthcare legislation that dramatically impacts how employers provide health care coverage: ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, the ACA. In this session, we discuss health care macro trends, what’s driving the changes, and industry dynamics. Topics may include the current shift to “Fee-for-Value”, “Medicare-for-All,” individual coverage HRAs, an overview of innovative employer activity with respect to the direction of the health care industry and regulatory views (e.g., direct to provider negotiation/contracting, reversal of high deductible health plans) and value offerings (e.g., reduction of waste, steerage for better outcomes, health improvement, and network solutions, etc.). We conclude by strategizing on the impacts of employer sponsored insurance changes to your business objectives.


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Chris Miles

Chris is responsible for activities specifically related to the commercial insurance industry. She leads the Leavitt Partners employer value-based care team. (View Bio