COVID-19 Speaking Engagements and Content Delivery

Leavitt Partners’ experts will host and deliver a series of virtual forums, providing expertise on clear and actionable direction to help local businesses navigate the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. Participants will gain an enhanced ability to navigate this novel coronavirus in a way that helps businesses adapt, innovate, and overcome with answers to questions such as:

  • What steps can I take now to position my business for a more rapid recovery?
  • Where do I get immediate business assistance?
  • What assumptions should I make to inform my business planning?
  • What sources of information should I listen to?
  • How long will it last?

Additional topics could include:

  • Workforce Decisions and the CARES Act
  • Survival Tactics for Small Businesses
  • Finance and Banking Issues
  • Managing Customers and Supply Chains
  • Health Care and Supplier Management

MOL Photo Web Ready - square
Governor Michael O. Leavitt

Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; 3-term Governor of Utah; Co-Chair of the Financial Review Panel for the Global Fund (View Bio)

David Muhlestein square
David Muhlestein
Chief Strategy & Chief Research Officer

Current Adjunct Assistant Professor of The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, and Visiting Policy Fellow at the Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University and the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (View Bio)

Andrew Croshaw croppedAndrew Croshaw
Chief Executive Officer

Former Senior Executive Advisor to HHS Secretary Michael O. Leavitt; Held multiple leadership positions at Eli Lilly and Novartis; Harvard Business School, MBA (View Bio)

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Vince Ventimiglia
President, Leavitt Partners Collaborative Advocates

Former Principal, FaegreBD Consulting; Former Assistant Secretary for Legislation, HHS; Former Director of the Government Affairs Office, Medtronic (View Bio)