Leavitt Partners Future Frame Series

Opportunities to Grow and Succeed in the Evolving Healthcare Landscape

The Leavitt Partners Future Frame Series seeks to make sense of the uncertainty that the healthcare industry faces to determine which direction it may be heading and how to prepare accordingly. We will provide a holistic view of the market, economic, delivery system, and political influences impacting healthcare throughout the series. As part of the discussion, we will explore the impact of recent events and opportunities that exist to grow and succeed in the evolving healthcare landscape. Follow our LinkedIn page to join the live broadcasts!


01.27.21 - Discussion 22: Physician Risk, featuring HMA's Amy Bassano, LP's Kate deLisle, and Wakely's Tim Murray, moderated by Andrew Croshaw.

LIL_Physician Risk_Jan2022


11.09.21 - Discussion 21: Political Checkpoint with Governor Mike Leavitt, LP's Liz Wroe, HMA's Kathleen Nolan, and The Moran Company's Kevin Kirby, moderated by Jen Colamonico.


LP Political Checkpoint Nov2021

10.14.21 - Discussion 20: Health Disparities - A Time for Action with Andrew Croshaw, Chisara Asomugha, and HMA principal Maddy Shea.

10.14.21 Future Frame Discussion 20 Recording

9.16.21 - Discussion 19: Vaccine Credentialing with Leavitt Partners' Andrew Croshaw and Ryan Howells, and guest speakers Frank Tuscano, Director of Marine and Safety Technology at Royal Caribbean Group, and JP Pollak, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of The Commons Project.

9.16.21 Future Frame Discussion 19 Recording

7.16.21 - Discussion 18: The Value Imperative for the Pharmaceutical Industry with Andrew Croshaw, Jeremy Bahr, and Leavitt Partners advisor Prem Kumar.

7.16.21 Future Frame Discussion 18 Recording

6.24.21 - Discussion 17: Leavitt Partners Political Checkpoint: An Inflection Point with Andrew Croshaw, Josh Trent, and Jennifer Colamonico.

6.24.21 Future Frame Discussion 17 Recording

Quick Take Videos

6.25.21 Future Frame Quick Take Video (Jen)
6.25.21 Future Frame Quick Take Video (Josh)

5.25.21 - Discussion 16: Strategic Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities at the State Level with Andrew Croshaw, Patricia Doxey, and guest speaker Dulce Diez, Director of the Office of Health Disparities at the Utah Department of Health.

5.25.21 Future Frame Discussion 16 Recording

The Health Equity Pathway Quick Take Video

5.25.21 Future Frame Quick Take Video

5.6.21 - Discussion 15: The Emergence of Long-COVID and Key Implications with Andrew Croshaw, Dr. Brett Giroir, and Josh Trent. Slides are available here.

5.6.21 Future Frame Discussion 15 Recording

4.16.21 - Discussion 14: Leavitt Partners Political Checkpoint Webinar with Governor Mike Leavitt, Andrew Croshaw, Jennifer Colamonico, Clay Alspach, and Sara Singleton.

LP Political Checkpoint Webinar Recording 4.16.21

3.26.21 - Discussion 13: Strategic Challenges in Healthcare Delivery with Andrew Croshaw, Jennifer Colamonico, Bo Nemelka, and Leavitt Partners advisor, Mark Smith

3.26.21 Future Frame Discussion 13 Recording

3.5.21 - Discussion 12: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health through Multi-Sector Collaboration with Andrew Croshaw, Sara Singleton, and special guest Dr. Catherine Baase, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance.

3.5.21 Future Frame Discussion 12 Recording

Collaboration On SDOH Quick Take Video

Collaboration On SDOH Quick Take-1

2.25.21 - Discussion 11: Leveraging Budget Reconciliation to Advance Health Policy Change with Andrew Croshaw, Liz Wroe and Sara Singleton.

2.25.21 Future Frame Discussion 11 Recording

Budget Reconciliation Quick Take Videos

Budget Reconciliation Definition Quick Take-1
Biden Healthcare Priorities Quick Take-1

2.11.21 - Discussion 10: The Evolution of Digital Health and Consumerism with Andrew CroshawRyan Howells and Eric Marshall.

2.11.21 Future Frame Discussion 10 Recording

Digital Health and Consumerism Quick Take Video

2.11.21 Future Frame Quick Take-1

1.28.21 - Discussion 9: Public Health: Importance of Chronic Disease Prevention and Management with Andrew Croshaw, Bo Nemelka, and special guest Marti Macchi, Senior Director of Programs at NACDD.

1.28.21 Future Frame Discussion 9 Recording

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Quick Take Video

Chronic Disease Quick Take-2

1.14.21 - Discussion 8: 2021 Investment Strategies and Growth Opportunities in Healthcare with Andrew Croshaw, Jennifer Colamonico and special guest Brett Glover, Partner and Healthcare Deal Advisor at KPMG.

1.14.21 Future Frame Series Discussion 8 Recording

Investment Strategies For 2021 Quick Take Videos

1.14.21 Quick Take - Stakeholder Pressure-1
1.14.21 Quick Take - Investment Opportunities-1

12.17.20 - Discussion 7: Key Lessons Learned for the Healthcare Industry with Governor Mike Leavitt, Andrew Croshaw, and Ian Morrison, healthcare futurist.

12.17.20 Future Frame Series Discussion 7 Recording

2020 In Review Quick Take Videos

Year in Review Quick Take - Vaccine-1
Year in Review Quick Take - Key Strategies-1

12.4.20 - Discussion 6: COVID-19 Vaccines: Dynamics, Key milestones, and Implications with Andrew Croshaw, Anne Marie Polak, and Chase Titensor

12.4.20 Future Frame Series Discussion 6 Recording

Vaccine Dynamics Quick Take Video

Vaccine Dynamics Quick Take-1

11.19.20 - Discussion 5: The CHART Model: Evaluating CMMI's Latest Investment with Rural Health with Andrew Croshaw, Jill Donovan, and special guest Mary Creten, principal and consulting actuary for Milliman.

11.19.20 Future Frame Series Discussion 5 Recording

CHART Model Quick Take Video

CHART Model Quick Take-1

11.10.20 - Discussion 4: 2020 Elections Results and the Road Ahead with Governor Mike Leavitt, Andrew Croshaw, Vince Ventimiglia, Sara Singleton, and Jennifer Colamonico

LP Political Webinar 11.10.20 RECORDING

Election Quick Take Video

Election Quick Take (full)

10.22.20 - Discussion 3: Economic Recovery from the Pandemic with Andrew Croshaw, Sierra Smith, and Bert Zimmerli, EVP & CFO of Intermountain Healthcare

10.22.20 Future Frame Series Discussion 3 Recording

Economic Recovery Quick Take Video

Economic Recovery Quick Take (Long)-1

10.8.20 - Discussion 2: The Pandemic's Overall Impact to Healthcare with Andrew Croshaw, Jennifer Colamonico, and Ian Morrison, Healthcare Futurist

10.8.20 Future Frame Series Discussion 2

9.25.20 - Discussion 1: Introducing the Leavitt Partners Future Frame Series with Andrew Croshaw and David Muhlestein

9.25.20 Future Frame Kick Off Recording