A Leavitt Partners Webinar 

Sponsored by: Health Intelligence Partners and the ACcountable care learning collaborative

Systems of health and health care in America are in a time of change. As we travel down the 40 year journey to a value based health economy, there are policy shifts, market twists and turns, and new innovations that are constantly shaping our journey. On April 18, 2019, Leavitt Partners hosted a webinar that focused on the executive and legislative agendas in a time of very divided government. Listen to this timely webinar that will help you track the most important health policy developments in Washington D.C.  The recording, slide deck, speakers and topics are listed below.

This webinar is a partnership between LP health intelligence programs and our Federal Insights & Advocacy team. Leavitt Partners health intelligence solutions are created to synthesize perspectives across the US health care system, blend market and policy insights, and provide critical context to help clients understand what most impacts their strategic goals. If you would like more information on our health intelligence membership programs, please click here.

Slide Deck

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4.18.19 LP Political Webinar Recording

April 18 Webinar Speakers

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