Building Healthier and More Resilient Communities

There is increasing focus on the role that the local environment, and non-clinical interventions, play in health outcomes.  From public health strategies to behavioral health integration to social determinant of health initiatives, health care stakeholders are forming new partnerships and exploring ways to bridge resources and align incentives to support a better approach to care.  Leavitt Partners experts in public and community health can provide insight into the opportunities and challenges for health care leaders working to improve health outcomes and build healthier and more resilient communities.


Cristal Gary - square
Cristal Thomas Gary

Former Deputy Governor of the State of Illinois, state Medicaid Director, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Region V Director (View Bio)

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Rebecca Nielsen

Leads the firm’s strategy practice as well as the firm’s public health team. She aids both public and commercial clients in strategic planning, assessing new markets, and identifying opportunities for service expansion; Harvard Business School, MBA (View Bio)