Election 2020: Spotlight on Health Care

April 7, 2020  |  2pm ET  |  Sponsored by Health Intelligence Partners

We are in an election year, but COVID-19 is top of mind as it continues to vastly impact the world economy, government leaders, the health care system, and the American people. 

Join Governor Mike Leavitt, Vince Ventimiglia, and other Leavitt Partners thought leaders for a reflection on the latest developments of COVID-19 and the frame it puts around the 2020 election and the health care landscape in 2021 and beyond.  

Tune in for insights including:

  • COVID-19 significance & impact on leadership: Where we are in the pandemic, how the economy will continue to respond, and the role of federal and state leaders in times like these.
  • COVID-19 impact on economy & health care: What to watch in a likely recession in response to COVID-19, and when various policies will fall into place.
  • Elections amid a pandemic: How this election will differ from typical political elections and what COVID-19 developments will influence voters.
  • 2021 - A pivotal year for America: What it will mean to lead America after COVID-19.



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Governor Mike Leavitt
Founder; Chair, Board of Managers
Leavitt Partners

Vince Ventimiglia Square

Vince Ventimiglia
Leavitt Partners

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Moderated by: Jen Colamonico
Senior Director, Health Intelligence Partners
Leavitt Partners

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