Historical Findings and Projected Expectations

As the federal government shifts toward innovative payment models, state governments have experimented with Medicaid program design under expansion and non-expansion conditions. Continued pressures on state budgets conflict with public health and coverage objectives, motivating creative approaches with varying results. Our experts present historical findings and projected expectations for Medicaid expansion impacts under various program designs scenarios.


Cristal Gary - square
Cristal Thomas Gary

Former Deputy Governor of the State of Illinois, state Medicaid Director, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Region V Director (View Bio)

Mescha Grammer-Ploss - square
Mescha Grammer-Ploss

Served as a Regional Attorney Advisor for the U.S. Social Security Administration, an Assistant Illinois Attorney General, and as general counsel for a large social justice nonprofit organization (View Bio)

Erik Krisle - square
Erik Krisle

Manages Leavitt Partners' data and analytics team and also primary data collection and data asset management efforts. He also participates in the firm's study of geographic variation in health care markets.  (View Bio)

Robert Richards - square
Josh Trent
Senior Analyst

Analyzes, interprets, and presents data to provide clients with health care intelligence. He manages the collection and analysis of data on alternative payments models such as ACOs and bundled payments, and conducts original quantitative research based on this data. (View Bio)