Insider's View of the Current Issues Affecting Pharma Companies

Arguably no health care sector is currently experiencing more disruption than the pharmaceutical industry.  Current efforts by public payers to change the payment model for prescription drugs and minimize – or at least modify – the role of PBMs could not only have significant impact within Medicare and Medicaid but also create ripple effects into the commercial market.  Leavitt Partners has experts with deep pharmaceutical experience who can give audiences an insider’s view of the current issues affecting pharma companies, including the political and regulatory environment, value-based payment arrangements, the trend toward cost effectiveness assessments, and drug pricing and transparency requirements.


Susan - square
Susan Winckler
President, Leavitt Partners Solutions

Former President and CEO of the Food and Drug Law Institute; Former Chief of Staff for the FDA; Georgetown University Law Center, JD (View Bio)

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Kristina Lunner

Former vice president of government affairs for the American Pharmacists Association and director of state legislative and regulatory affairs for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (View Bio)